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Logos - A través de los Tiempos

Lista de Canciones:
1- “La gran ramera”
2- “Decide por ti mismo”
3- “Ven a la eternidad”
4- “Confusión mental”
5- “Ciega ambición”
6- “No te rindas”
7- “Miedo a la libertad”
8- “Cuando asecha la maldad”
9- “Trágico siglo”
10- “Necios”
11- “Marginado”
12- “Muerte sin gloria”
13- “Reina ciega”
14- “Arden en el cielo”
15- “Como relámpago en la oscuridad”
16- “A través de los tiempos”
17- “Ven a la eternidad” (Bonus Track Karaoke).

Wrench In The Works - Lost Art Of Heaping Coal (2008)

Artista: Wrench In The Works
Album: Lost Art Of Heaping Coal
Año: 2008
Genero: Hardcore / Christian / Metal
Pais: Connecticut, United States

Lista de Canciones:
1. Dust Over Time Test
2. Tonight Is War
3. Our Time
4. Brokenness
5. One Foot Out Of Hell
6. Pale Fire
7. Death Letter
8. Loaded Gun
9. Faith As A Virus
10. Lost Art Of Heaping Coal

The Great Commission-And Every Knee Shall Bow (2009)

Banda: The Great Commission
Nombre del Album: And Every Knee Shall Bow
Genero: Deathcore
Ano de Lanzamiento: 2009

Lista de Canciones:
1. (Declaration) of War
2. Every Knee Shall Bow
(feat. guest vocals by Thom Green of Sleeping Giant)
3. I Dub City
(feat. guest vocals by Eric Gregson of xDeathstarx)
4. A New Hope
(feat. guest vocals by Aaron Wreckin Thangs of Point of Recognition)
5. Let Your Kingdom Come
(feat. guest vocals by Chris Lane of In Times of Trouble and
J.R. Bermuda of Sleeping Giant
6. Iron Sharpens Iron
(feat. guest vocals by Clayton Addison of xTripwirex)
7. The Road Less Traveled (Conviction)
(feat. guest vocals by Brook Reeves of Impending Doom)
8. The Way The Truth The Life
9. In a Time Where Hope Was Lost
(feat. guest vocals by Kevin Davis of xDeathstarx and
Mattie Montgomery of For Today
10. Dawning of a New Day
(feat. guest vocals by Ryan Gregson of xDeathstarx)

Woe Of Tyrants - Kingdom Of Might [2009]

Artista: Woe Of Tyrants
Album: Kingdom Of Might
Año: 2009
Genero: Melodic / Metalcore / Death Core

Lista de Canciones:
1. Jesu Juva
2. Soli Deo Gloria
3. Break The Fangs Of The Wicked
4. Pearls Before Swine
5. Kingdom Of Might (The Eclipse)
6. Kingdom Of Might (Dawn In The Darkness)
7. Sounding Jerusalem
8. Sons Of Thunder
9. The Seven Braids Of Samson
10. Like Jasper And Carnelian
11. Golgotha

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