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War of Ages

Pride Of The Wicked

Nombre del Album: Pride Of The Wicked
Gênero: Metalcore
Ano de Lanzamiento: 2006
Lista de Canciones:
  • 1. Guide For The Helpless
  • 2. Rise From The Ashes
  • 3. Strength Within
  • 4. Absence Of Fear
  • 5. The Fall Of Pride
  • 6. Heart Of A Warrior
  • 7. Aftermath
  • 8. Bitter Sweet
  • 9. Silenced Insecurities
  • 10. Stone By Stone

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Arise and Conquer

Nombre del Album: Arise and Conquer
Gênero: Metalcore
Ano de Lanzamiento: 2008
Lista de Canciones:

  • 01.All Consuming Fire
  • 02.When Faith Turns To Ashes
  • 03.Through The Flames
  • 04.Salvation
  • 05.Sleep Of Prisoners
  • 06.Wages Of Sin
  • 07.Yet Another Fallen Eve
  • 08.Generational Curse
  • 09.The Awakening
  • 10.The Deception Of Strongholds

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