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Discografia de The Showdown

Chorus Of Obliteration

Nombre del Album: Chorus Of Obliteration
Gênero: Metalcore
Ano de Lanzamiento: 2006
Productora: Mono Vs Stereo Records

Lista de Canciones:
1.A Monument Encased in Ash (5:53)
2.Hell Can't Stop Us Now (3:36)
3.Epic: A Chorus of Obliteration (3:31)
4.From the Mouth of Gath Comes Terror (featuring Josh Scogin of The Chariot) (6:28)
5 .A Proclamation of Evil's Fate (4:03)
6.Dagon Undone - The Reckoning (4:31)
7.Iscariot (2:59)
8.Dolor Per Proelium - Your Name is Defeat (2:32)
9.Deus Invictus - Your Name is Victory (3:02)
10.Laid to Rest (5:54)
11.Give Us This Day (Bonus Track) (4:04)

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Temptation Come My Way

Banda: The Showdown
Nombre del Album: Temptation Come My Way
Gênero: Melodic/ Metal
Ano de Lanzamiento: 2007
Productora: Mono v/s Stereo

Lista de Canciones:

1. "Fanatics & Whores" (3:30)
2. "Head Down" (4:32)
3. "Six Feet Under" (4:52)
4. "We Die Young" (4:23)
5. "Breath of the Swamp" (3:21)
6. "It Drinks From Me" (4:51)
7. "Temptation Come My Way" (4:18)
8. "Forget My Name" (4:23)
9. "Spitting in the Wind" (3:18)
10. "I, Victim (Here's to the Year)" (3:46)
11. "Carry on Wayward Son" (4:27)
12. "Death Finds Us Breathing" (4:11)

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Feel Like Hell EP

Banda: The Showdown
Nombre del Album: Feel Like Hell EP
Gênero: melodic/Heavy Metal/Hard Core
Ano de Lanzamiento: 2007
Productora:Mono v/s Stereo

Lista de Canciones:
1. Feel Like Hell
2. When It All Comes Down
3. Snake In The Grass

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Banda: The Showdown
Nombre del Album: Back Breaker (2008)
Gênero: Melodic Death Metal / HardCore

Lista de Canciones:

01. Titanomachy The Beginning
02. Hephaestus The Hammer of the Gods
03. Aphrodite The Disillusionaire
04. Achilles The Backbreaker
05. Prometheus The Fires of Deliverance
06. Cerberus The Hellhound Awaits
07. Odysseus A Song of Hope
08. Aries I Am Vengeance
09. Infernus You Will Move
10. Nemesis Give Us This Day
11. Medea One Foot in Hell

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