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Discografia de Seven Angels

The Second Floor

Genero:Heavy Metal, Power Metal

Lista de Canciones:

01.The Second Floor (05:22)
02.Breathless Years (05:07)
03.Revelation (08:08)04.Deceiving Time (05:41)
05.The Wisdom of His Majesty (06:06)
06.Purify (06:14)
07.Mask of Sadness (06:26)
08.Here I Am (06:43)
09.From Hills and Woods (07:17)

Seven Angels-Faceless Man

Genero:Heavy Metal, Power Metal

Lista de Canciones:

01. A Handful of Sand (05:34)
02. Beyond the Dark Side of the Moon (05:19)
03. Nothing besides Dust (04:36)
04. Walking over all the Seas (05:50)
05. Faceless Man (06:21)
06. Unseen Truth (06:45)
07. Daydream (05:56)
08. Nobody wants to Live alone (06:39)
09. From now to Eternity (06:23)

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